This Is How to Create the Perfect Work Wardrobe

Spoiler alert: Comfort is key.

For Kathyrn Condon, a junior strategist at Brand Bureau—a hospitality, design, and strategy firm in New York City—having plenty of comfortable and practical staple pieces in her closet is essential. “While I want to look good and feel good at work, I don’t want to be fiddling with my clothes or be in an uncomfortable pair of shoes that don’t make me feel like my best self,” she says.

That’s why nailing down a shoe that’s as sturdy as it is fashionable is so important for Condon. Take the Joan of Arctic Wedge II Chelsea Boot, for example. They’re the kind of shoes that the California native—whose personal style lands “somewhere between a little preppy, a little bit California-cool, and a little bit practical”—can easily fit into her work wardrobe.

Condon says that being in a client-facing industry, dressing the part is about “putting our best foot forward and looking professional, but also creative and cool, like the creatives we are.”

So what does that look like in practice? Check out Condon’s styling tricks for filling your closet with items that you’ll feel comfortable and stylish in at work.

Invest in Blazers. Lots of Them.

“I’m all about outerwear,” Condon says. “Being in New York, [my wardrobe] revolves around a set of really great investment staple outerwear pieces.” You’ll often find Condon in a white tee and jeans with a blazer on top to dress it up. Then, when meeting friends after work for drinks, she can easily ditch the blazer for a more casual look.

A blazer works with many types of footwear, too, and choosing the right pair of shoes is essential for Condon, who walks all over the Lower East Side. “What I wear to work needs to be super functional,” she says. The Sorel boots are an ideal choice—they’re chic enough to be paired with the blazer, but comfortable enough to get Condon from work to the wine bar afterwards.

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